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World Health Day, April 7th, 2019 - Health for all – everyone, everywhere.

The Sir Brian Bell Foundation is all about positive communication, support and investment towards improving health and education in Papua New Guinea. World Health Day is all about recognizing the importance of Health on a global scale. Papua New Guinea has many challenges when we discuss health, this day provides the opportunity to look broadly at areas that we need to improve on, how we make positive changes to implement new health projects, and how we communicate critical health messages to the nation so people can make better health choices. SBBF support World Health Day, and we 100% support the many organisations including the National Government that are working towards better health outcomes for the people on PNG.

World Health Organization: April 7 of each year marks the celebration of World Health Day. It is a chance to celebrate health and remind world leaders that everyone should be able to access the health care they need, when and where they need it. The focus in 2019 will be on equity and solidarity – on raising the bar for health for everyone, everywhere by addressing gaps in services, and leaving no one behind. Progress is being made in countries in all regions of the world, but millions of people still have no access at all to health care. Millions more are forced to choose between health care and other daily expenses such as food, clothing and even a home. To make health for all a reality, we need individuals and communities who have access to high-quality health services so that they take care of their own health and the health of their families; skilled health workers providing quality, people-centered care; and policy-makers committed to investing in primary health care.

Key Facts:
- At least half of the world’s population still do not have full coverage of essential health services.
- About 100 million people are still being pushed into extreme poverty (defined as living on 1.90 USD or less a day) because they have to pay for health care.
- Over 800 million people (almost 12% of the world’s population) spent at least 10% of their household budgets to pay for health care.
- All UN Member States have agreed to try to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) by 2030, as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Health is a human right. Together, we can make health for all a reality.

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It Time to kick TB out 👊💪
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World Tuberculosis Day, 24th March 2019 – “It’s time.” - Health Information on TB part 2 of 2.

TB and HIV
People living with HIV are 20-30 times more likely to develop active TB disease than people without HIV according to WHO as HIV as it weakens the immune system increasing the risk of TB. In 2017 approximately 0.3 million people died of HIV-associated TB and an estimated 0.9 million new cases of TB amongst HIV-positive people. If you have HIV talk to your doctor about your TB risk and get tested!

TB and Pregnancy
Not taking prescribed TB treatment represents a greater hazard to a pregnant woman and her baby according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Infants born to women with untreated TB may be a lower birth weight, and in rare circumstances, the infant may be born with TB. Breastfeeding should not be discouraged for women being treated with the first-line anti-tuberculosis medications as the concentrations in breast milk are too small to produce toxicity for the nursing newborn. If you are pregnant, talk to your doctor about your TB risk. Pregnant women who are diagnosed with TB should start treatment as soon as TB is detected.

Treatment of TB
The majority of TB cases can be cured when medicines are provided and taken exactly as prescribed. An estimated 54 million lives were saved through TB diagnosis and treatment between 2000 and 2017. Active, drug-susceptible TB disease is treated with a standard 6-month course of 4 antimicrobial drugs which must be taken exactly as advised by a medical health professional. Do not skip doses of your medications, share your medications with anyone else or stop taking your medication even if you start to feel better. If you are having any issues remembering to take your medication, it is important to notify your doctor immediately and make sure you are on the right track with your treatment.

Preventing TB transmission
To reduce exposure in households where someone has infectious TB the following precautions should be considered when possible:
- Houses should be adequately ventilated
- Follow cough and sneeze etiquette, always cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing. Use a tissue, upper sleeve or elbow and never cough or sneeze into your hands. If you use a tissue through it in the bin immediately
- Spend as much time as possible outdoors
- If possible, sleep alone in a separate, adequately ventilated room
- Spend as little time as possible on public transport or where large numbers of people gather.

To download one of our health information brochures or posters please visit our website:


Supporting Anglicare PNG

Sir Brian Bell Foundation CEO Bronwyn Wright talks to NBC PNG about the foundations support of K200,000 to Anglicare PNG Inc to address HIV/AIDs in Papua New Guinea.

Interview with Ian Clough on PNG Tonight

WOW, a great interview with the Executive Director, Mr. Ian Clough, Brian Bell Group of Companies and Director, Sir Brian Bell Foundation. We are sure that he’ll be autographing T-Shirts and posters in no time… this family has done so much for PNG and the legacy is continuing.

Welcoming the Swedish U20 FIFA Female World Cup Team
Chairman of Brian Bell Group and Director of SBBF, Trevan G. Clough welcoming the Swedish U20 FIFA Female World Cup Team to PNG. He offered a warm welcome to the team and wished them all the very best during the competition and for their stay while in PNG.
The Right Pitch

By Gorethy Kenneth, Post Courier 21/02/17

DRIVEN for success and looking to expand her knowledge base at Draper University, this 27-year-old lass that you will read about is reaping the benefits of following her dreams.

Roberta Morlin, 27, from Manus and Bougainville, is an exceptionally talented and driven young woman with her very own Papua New Guinea story.

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Sir Brian Bell Foundation Helps St John

The Sir Brian Bell Foundation has provided support to St John Ambulance with K100,000 funding assistance to maintain its operations while working to secure ongoing financial commitments.

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