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The legacy of Sir Brian Bell will assist more than 400 children to become literate every year at BbP’s Library Learning Centres.

Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP) and the Sir Brian Bell Foundation has signed a 3-year partnership which will see the sponsorship of four Buk bilong Pikinini Library Learning Centres in Port Moresby.

The Library Learning Centres – which would have otherwise have had to close – are located at Hoholoa, ATS, Evedahana Primary School and at the UPNG campus. Parents and communities were deeply saddened when BbP announced in March that their libraries were scheduled to close due to lack of sponsorship.

The parent committees immediately started to fundraise to support BbP to keep the libraries operational but were unable to raise the required amount of funding. The parents held many meetings with BbP management to testify to the impact the Library Learning Centres have had in their communities and the immense support the programs have provided for their children’s education. Some parents have had several children in BbP’s programs and were adamant that they did not want to lose this life-changing service. So there were tears of joy when the Sir Brian Bell Foundation came to the rescue and announced that they would sponsor all of the four Library Learning Centres, which also includes BbP’s Special Needs Library for disabled children at Hohola.

Buk bilong Pikinini enrols 5-year old children into their Early Childhood Literacy programs and provides them with an opportunity to be able to read and write in English before going to school, get a good start on their numeracy, learn about their country’s history and culture and gain important awareness about health and hygiene. This provides the children with a solid base for starting school and allow them to excel compared with those children who have not had access to an early childhood program.

BbP also runs an After-School Literacy support program for school children to gain one-on-one support from BbP’s highly skilled Teacher-Librarians.

In addition to this the organisation also provides donors with the opportunity to support communities to run their own literacy programs and small libraries by offering training of community educators and teachers in BbP’s highly efficient programs. BbP also sells school library re-establishment kits in varying sizes with fantastic educational resources.

Bronwyn Wright, CEO of the Sir Brian Bell Foundation said:
“As the Sir Brian Bell Foundation marks its 2nd Birthday this week, it is with great pleasure that we celebrate this milestone by partnering with Buk Bilong Pikinini for the next 3 years. Knowing we are assisting such a wonderful organisation and all who utilise the BbP programmes at 4 library locations is such a gift.

The Sir Brian Bell Foundation steers our assistance towards individuals, organisations and charities where we can do the most good in the areas of health and education. We hope that with our engagement, Papua New Guineans are provided opportunities that they may not have been able to grab hold of before. The Foundation looks forward to working closely with the Buk Bilong Pikinini team.”

Anne-Sophie Hermann, BbP Founder and Chair said:
“When Buk bilong Pikinini was being set up more than 10 years ago I met Sir Brian Bell and he was very supportive of the initiative. It is an honour for BbP to be able to celebrate his legacy by providing hundreds of children with the opportunity to access our programs and get best possible start and support for their on-going education. On behalf of Buk bilong Pikinini and the communities at ATS, Evedahana, UPNG (Rainbow) and families of disabled children at the Special Education and Resource Centre at Hohola, I would like to sincerely thank the Sir Brian Bell Foundation for their sponsorship, which allows children to become literate at the age of 5, develop a love of lifelong reading and to excel at school.

This sponsorship will cover BbP’s Early Childhood Literacy sessions for approximately 400 children in the morning, the After-School Literacy support program and book lending.”

The Library Learning Centres sponsored by the Sir Brian Bell Foundation are located at:
The Red Cross Special Education and Resource Centre, Hohola
– ATS settlement
– Evedahana Primary School, 8 Mile
– UPNG Campus, children from Rainbow settlement


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