The Sir Brian Bell Foundation has a desire to inspire the people of Papua New Guinea. This inspiration is driven from a historical connection Sir Brian had with Health and Education in PNG. Sir Brian had a vision to inspire people to take action and work to deliver quality health care which started when Sir Brian was appointed the first chairman (1995 – 2010) of the PMGH Board by then Prime Minister Hon. Paias Wingti.

Since Sir Brian’s passing, the foundation has committed continuing his legacy. It is our vision to provide opportunities to people/organizations and to equipped with what they lack and become inspired and empowered to become the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, active citizens and ultimately the leaders of this country. It is our mission to provide assistance towards individuals, organisations and charities where we can do the most good in the areas of Health and Education.

Since the foundations inception we have achieved many milestones, some of which include, the launch of the largest Youth Health Education program “Youth Blood Drive” teaching young people the importance of blood donation and how it can impact a community. The opening of the brand-new Sir Brian Bell Centre for Transfusion Medicine at Port Moresby General Hospital, First Aid in Schools supporting St John Ambulance in their mission to teach young people First Aid Techniques in schools and the donation of 2 new Emergency Ambulances.

The Sir Brian Bell Foundation is leading the way across Papua New Guinea to expand the knowledge and learning base. It is our goal to touch the lives of as many Men, Women and Children to achieve positive outcomes and promote change for the next generation of Papua New Guineans.

“What we have already achieved gives us hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow.”
Barack Obama

House Of Hope

The Foundation and The Brian Bell Group supports Soroptimist International in association with House of Hope and Links of Hope. 

St John Ambulance

The Sir Brian Bell Foundation has provided support to St John Ambulance with K100,000

First Aid In Schools

First Aid in Schools Pilot Program a huge success. When a medical emergency strikes, minutes matter…

Roberta Morlin

The Foundation was intrigued with Ms. Morlin’s idea ...


The Foundation has made a generous commitment to support the ongoing work of Anglicare PNG in the fight against HIV/AIDS in PNG.

Operation Open Heart

Operation Open Heart provides professional medical treatments to those who can’t access these services…

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