Health and Education is the core of the Sir Brian Bell Foundation, which encompasses the joining of the 2 areas to provide information on how to prevent and understand many illnesses and diseases that affect PNG people each day.

Please find below our health information brochures and posters available for download. If you have any issues downloading the information please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page.

TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize
Cover Your Cough Poster 11:04 pm 11/13/2018122.6k
Donate Blood Poster 7:41 am 06/13/2018135.2k
Hand Washing Poster 6:27 am 03/29/2018177k
World AIDS Day 2018 6:55 am 11/30/20182.5M
World Blood Donor Day 2018 7:34 am 06/13/20182.2M
World Diabetes Day 2:38 am 11/15/2017446.4k
World Health Day 5:55 am 04/26/2017366.7k
World Hepatitis Day 2018 3:45 am 07/27/20182.2M
World Malaria Day 2018 3:33 am 04/24/20181.5M
World No Tobacco Day 11:44 pm 05/30/20172.1M
World No Tobacco Day 2018 7:36 am 05/30/20182.6M
World Pneumonia Day 12:54 am 11/14/2017408.1k
World TB Day 2018 6:37 am 03/23/2018323.1k
Quit Smoking Poster 1:56 am 01/29/2019313.9k



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